About me

Hi, I’m Maya and welcome to my life!

I am simply a 19-year old student trying to navigate through the sh*tstorm better known as growing up. Its daunting. Confusing. Exciting – and pretty much every other feeling under the sun. To me this is less a traditional blog and more what I like to call my “online brain dump”. A means through which I can share the obstacles, adventures, and changes that come with growing up and even give advice on how to make the sh*tty parts a tad less sh*tty.

Being a student, is a massive part of my life and so I want to share both the ups and downs accompanying the impossible art of balancing school, studying and socialising! However, a student is not all that i am and so I also want to share some of the other things that I love and bring me joy in the hope that they may do the same for you.

Whether you read this because you relate to the never-ending struggle of adulting and entering the unknown abyss otherwise called “the real world”, or you simply want to pass some time – I really hope you enjoy reading and you leave feeling slightly more optimistic than when you arrived.

Please feel free to message me with any thoughts, questions and/or stories of your own that you might have!

Love, Maya xxx